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                                                                                                                Wild Fresh-Frozen

                                                                                                                    at Sea Fillets

                                                                                                      Every single one of our fillets is fully processed and frozen
                                                                                                      in hours after catching. That way, we lock in the freshness

                                                                                                            and taste of fish — just as nature intended.

                                                                                                       Wild Fresh-Frozen at Sea Fillets: like no other fish

                                                                                                    We catch our Atlantic cod, saithe and haddock in the icy Arctic
                                                                                                  waters of the Atlantic. And we're proud to be the leading producer

                                                                                                      of fresh-frozen at sea Atlantic cod loins and fillet portions.

                                                                                                          Our Alaska pollock and Pacific cod comes from
                                                                                                           the cool waters of the West Bering Sea and the

                                                                                                               Sea of Okhotsk in the Pacific Ocean.

                                                                                                      We're committed to fresh freezing at sea as the best way
                                                                                                     to preserve the quality and flavour of fish fillets. But we know
                                                                                                      that's only half of the story — and that for the best results,

                                                                                                        you also need to carefully defrost and cook your fillets.

                                                                                                                      Let's find out how.

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