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                      in the Fridge

                         We always recommend defrosting in the fridge.
                      That's because your fridge runs at a safe temperature,
                                 inhibiting bacterial growth.

 6-7 HOURS  8-9 HOURS        Just put your fillets on a plate or dish,
 For Alaska pollock and   For cod loins    cover them, and put them in the fridge.
 small cod or haddock fillets.  and large fillets.
                                   TIME TO DEFROST
                         This all depends on the number of fillets you'd
                            like to defrost, and how thick they are.

                          If you're defrosting 2-3 Alaska pollock fillets,
                               it should take around 6-7 hours.

                         But if you're defrosting several fillets (or thicker
                           fillets, like cod loin), you'll need 8-9 hours.

                A quick rule to remember: put your fillets in the fridge in the morning
                    before work, and by the evening they'll be ready to cook.

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