Page 3 - Glacialis Brochure 2020
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Premium fish fillets, wild fresh-frozen at sea.

            Glacialis  is the premium       We’re the first to offer frozen
            brand for wild fresh-frozen     at sea, line caught Pacific
            at sea fillets from Norebo.     cod fillets.

            We offer fillets from the       For Atlantic cod, Pacific cod,
            Atlantic and Pacific oceans,    haddock and saithe, our
            including Atlantic cod,         fillets comefrom MSC
            haddock, saithe, Alaska         certified fisheries.
            pollock, and Pacific cod.       The majority of Alaska
                                            pollock is also caught in
            A wide range of fillet          MSC certified areas.
            products are: skin on
            pbi, skinless pbi, and          We support our customers
            skinless boneless fillets       with a supply chain that
            (tightly graded).               provides quality in quantity,
                                            all year round.
            For Atlantic cod, we’re the
            largest producer of frozen at   We’re always looking for new
            sea loins and fillet portions.  innovations to improve quality
                                            — by listening, understanding,
            Our fillets are sustainably     and responding to your needs.
            harvested and can be traced
            all the way back to the         For more information,
            vessel from which they were     please contact your sales
            caught. We catch, fillet and    representative or visit:
            fresh freeze our fish at sea,
            guaranteeing a superb taste.

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