Page 5 - Glacialis Brochure 2020
P. 5

01             Provenance

                           We’re committed to bringing our customers
                           exceptional quality, from across the seas.

 We’re      02             Reliability

                           We maintain a robust supply chain to deliver
                           our products all over the world, all year round.

 guided by six   03        Quality

                           Our fish are fresh-frozen within hours,
                           for locked-in flavour.

 important   04            Traceability

                           We enable our customers to trace their fish,
                           all the way back from their kitchen to our vessels.

 values:    05             Care

                           We catch and prepare fish with great care, so that
                           it arrives with our customers in perfect condition.

            06             Sustainability

                           We want future generations to enjoy the quality
                           and flavour of fish. That’s why we hold ourselves
                           to the highest standards of sustainability.

 04                                                                          05
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