Page 7 - Glacialis Brochure 2020
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Sustainability  Traceability

 A sustainable future.

 We want future generations    We’re proud that five of the
 to enjoy the quality and flavour   species we catch have been
 of fish. We’re committed to   certified under the MSC (Marine
 protecting and nurturing fish by:   Stewardship Council) standard.
            Our fishermen catch    They record the code    At port the catch
            your fish and assign    and related info about   is assigned a project
 -  Maintaining sustainable stocks
            it a unique code.      when, where and how     number and lot identity.
 -  Minimising our impact in the
                                   your fish was caught.
 fishing process
 -  Working to manage thriving
 Barents Sea cod, haddock
 fisheries  and saithe fishery. Russian Sea
 of Okhotsk pollock fishery.
 Western Bering Sea Pacific cod
 and Pacific halibut longline.

            As you fish travels    You receive your fish
            along the supply       with the codes on
            chain, more product    the product.
            information is added.

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