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Fishing    North Atlantic Ocean

 Grounds    Covering the icy waters of the Northeast Arctic Barents Sea and

            Norwegian Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean offers strong fishing stocks,
            including our Atlantic cod, haddock and saithe.

 We’ve carefully chosen our fishing   Atlantic cod  Haddock  Saithe

 areas for quality and sustainability.

            Barents Sea cod, haddock    Barents Sea cod, haddock    Barents Sea cod, haddock
            & saithe (cod component).  & saithe (haddock component).  & saithe (saithe component).

            North Pacific Ocean

            Our largest catch comes from the Sea of Okhotsk and the West Bering
            Sea, all within the Russian economic zone. The area contains an
            abundance of Alaska pollock and Pacific cod.

                                     LINE CAUGHT
            Alaska pollock           Pacific cod
 North Atlantic Ocean (FAO 27) - Atlantic cod, haddock and saithe
 North Pacific Ocean (FAO 61) - Alaska pollock and Pacific cod
            Russian Sea of Okhotsk    Western Bering Sea Pacific cod
            pollock fishery.         and Pacific halibut longline.
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